Mesh networks on OLPC: it's all about the application level

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| Although the applications currently can communicate only with the same
| applications running on other OPLC laptops, they are based on open source and
| open standards (such as ODF for documents) and therefore could work with
| other standard-compliant applications on other systems in the future. Bletsas
| mentioned the Nokia 8-series as a possible collaborating platform.

Why you should buy an OLPC XO Laptop

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| This program lasts for only 2 weeks. For $400 ($200 of which is a
| tax-deductible donation), a person will be paying for 1 laptop to go to a
| child in a developing nation and will receive 1 laptop for themself.


One Laptop Per Child (New Version), Reviewed by 12-Year-Old

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| For a regular laptop, this would be the paragraph about its problems, its
| deficiencies. But the thing is, there aren’t any problems with this computer!
| Congratulations, OLPC. You’ve done it. Or will you come out with yet better
| laptops? Is that even possible? We’ll have to see...

(Video) OLPC Interface Walkthrough

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| Previously known as the $100 laptop, the OLPC boasts a 500mhz
| Processor, Linux OS, 1GB Memory, and a Two-Mode Display (Color and B&W).