Open source Java - one year later

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| A year ago this week Sun finally bowed to pressure and agreed to make Java a
| free, open source project. It was an odd move given Sun's strong resistance
| to making Java open source for a more than a decade.

Eclipse gets seat on Java board

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| In a first for the open-source tooling organization, the Eclipse Foundation
| has won a seat on a Java Community Process (JCP) executive committee.


Red Hat and Sun Collaborate to Advance Open Source Java Technology

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| In addition, Red Hat has signed Sun's OpenJDK Community TCK License
| Agreement. This agreement gives the company access to the test suite that
| determines whether an implementation of the Java Platform Standard Edition
| (Java SE) platform that is derived from the OpenJDK project complies with the *
| Java SE 6 specification. *

Open-source Java could result in port to iPhone

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| San Francisco - With the first anniversary of open-source Java coming up
| November 13, a Sun official believes the project could bear a sought-after
| fruit in the Java community: The porting of Java to the Apple iPhone. *

Sun set to open source Java products

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| We won't see any huge wave until after that occurs. I suspect that the
| most interesting sort of case for that will be to see what will happen
| on the Linux platform, which is one of the reasons why GPL is such a
| prudent choice here [for Java].
| With a platform with a compatible licence to that of Linux ...what
| effect it will have on the Linux community and their use of Java on
| the Linux distribution it is a proof point.

McNealy says Sun evaluating OpenSolaris on GPL

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| There have been nearly 8 million downloads of Solaris in the last
| two years, and there are 900 systems certified to run Solaris,
| which is more than any Linux distribution, McNealy said.

Sun hopes for Linux-like Solaris

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| Basic operations, such as the "ls" command to see a listing of
| files in a directory, behave differently in Solaris, and Solaris
| lacks Linux tools for packaging, downloading and installing
| software such as Debian's apt-get, Murdock said. And Linux's
| installation process is much better than that of Solaris, in
| part because of better hardware support, he said.

Sun CEO: "Proprietary"...did more damage to sun than any market downturn

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| Sun has discovered the exact same thing. Freedom sells. Or, rather,
| services around freedom sell. The freedom itself is, well, free.

Can Linux Get a Lift From Eclipse?

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| Eager to shed its reputation as a tool just for Java developers, Eclipse has
| quickly embraced newer languages such as PHP, Python and Ruby—as well as
| older ones like Ada, COBOL and C. But when it comes to enabling native Linux
| development, Eclipse isn’t moving as fast. It’s not uncommon for applications
| originating from Eclipse to target Linux servers... * *

Building from Source Crucial for Linux to Adopt Eclipse

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| In the ongoing talk about how the different Linux distros and the Russian
| Academy of Science are starting to make Eclipse the Visual Studio for Linux,
| the Linux guys seem well on their way to making Eclipse the Linux IDE. Ian
| Skerret say the Linux Distros Project has been great catalyst for this and I
| think CDT and the PDT project are helping drive this forward too. * *

Linux developers considering move to Eclipse

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| At the recent Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit, it was decided to
| start making Eclipse, the open-source development platform, the Visual
| Studio for Linux.

Eclipse Ships Largest-Ever Release of Leading Open Source Software Development

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| Europa features 21 Eclipse projects for software developers and is more
| than double the size of last year's record-setting release.

Survey: Windows loses ground with developers

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| Linux gaining share as the number of developers targeting Windows falls
| 12 percent, Evans Data says

Developers' use of open source Eclipse doubles

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| The adoption rate of the open source Eclipse integrated development
| environment has more than doubled in the Europe, the Middle East and
| Africa region, industry analysts have revealed.

Developers Embrace Java, Drop Visual Basic

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| Use of Visual Basic has dropped 35% since the spring, says a
| poll of more than 430 North American developers done by research
| company Evans Data.
| [...]
| Developers have abandoned Microsoft's Visual Basic in droves
| during the last six months, and they're using Java more than any
| other development language, according to a recently published
| survey.

Eclipse Is Still Going Strong

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| In the intervening years, the Eclipse open-source development
| platform has grown well beyond the IDE space, branching out into
| areas such as reporting, modeling, AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript
| and XML) development, SOA (service-oriented architecture) tooling,
| RCP (rich-client platform) technology, team development, and
| support for other languages beyond Java.

Eclipse: A Billion-Dollar Baby?

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| "Historically enterprise software has been sold through [a]
| direct salesforce channel. ... We're starting to see success
| in open source software products in areas which have been
| traditionally the realm of the direct salesforce. Those
| environments or those products have very, very low cost of
| sales, so as customers get more used to that, I think that
| over time, there are going to be fewer and fewer software
| salesmen."

Eclipse Adoption on The Rise

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| With the EclipseWorld conference kicking off this week in Boston,
| it would be easy to think the open source Java tools project is
| everywhere.

Study: Developers Favor Linux

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| "Regardless of what kind of developer you are, you're still trying to
| make a living, and target the operating system that?s controlling the
| market."
| However, in the most recent survey, the developers' forecast of their
| target platform has changed. For the first time, these developers said
| that in the next 12 to 18 months they expect to be developing more Linux
| apps than Windows apps.