Volantis Removes Price as Barrier for Enterprise Mobile Content Development and

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| Volantis Mobility Server to be Distributed Under Open Source License and
| Available Immediately as Free Download


Amanda Enterprise Backup & Recovery Solution Now Supports Popular Ubuntu Linux

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| Amanda, the leader in open source backup and recovery software, today
| announced that its Amanda Enterprise Edition now supports Ubuntu and is the
| first enterprise backup software available for this popular distribution of
| the open source Linux operating system


db4objects Releases 7.0 Version of Leading Open Source Object Database

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| With some 30,000 registered community members and well over one million
| downloads, db4o is used in a broad array of industries around the globe.


New Open Source Grid and Cluster Community Launches

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| An online community for open source grid and cluster users, administrators
| and developers debuted today on the Internet at Grid.org.


Where are all of the community advisory boards?

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| In retrospect, the launch of Nagios Enterprises is notable not only because
| of Ethan Galstad's previous stance on a commercial Nagios branch, but also
| because of the new company's outlined approach to integrating a for-profit
| entity into its ecosystem.


Open source news... much more of this, but there's too much Linux news, so open
source isn't worth focusing on anymore.