'The Wall Street Journal' digs Digg. Should we read into this?

,----[ Quote ]
| "The Wall Street Journal Online is adding Digg buttons across the entire
| site, and you'll now have full (free) access to the articles submitted to
| Digg," Rose wrote. "The Digg buttons have started appearing on WSJ.com
| articles tonight."
| The "full free access" part is key. While speaking to investors in Australia,
| News Corp. mogul Murdoch said this week that he planned to release the
| Journal's Web site from its paid-subscription model--when The New York Times
| eliminated premium content earlier this fall, the Journal became one of the
| lone holdouts


There were rumours about buyout negotiations recently (media company, said the
source). Sounds like Murdock is going to buy (and control) Digg, which already
has a corrupted monopolist as the advertisers and Microsoft's COLA shills
as 'moderators' in the UNIX/Linux sections.


Too Digg for their boots?

,----[ Quote ]
| What concerns me is that Digg hasn’t exactly been as Linux/UNIX friendly
| lately. Oh, sure, they have the section and news gets put in it. But it feels
| like less of it is being promoted to even just the technology page lately,
| let alone the front page. And then, when they do, I’ve noticed quite a few
| legitimate Linux/UNIX stories getting buried or pulled shortly after being
| promoted.
| Furthermore, Digg has had an increased number of very vocal
| pro-Microsoft/anti-FOSS users commenting lately and it has been hard to find
| a FOSS related story that doesn’t get flooded with anti-FOSS related
| sentiment. It has been suggested on many many occasions in the comments on
| Digg that Microsoft employs (some of) these people to create accounts and
| post pro-Microsoft/anti-FOSS comments.
| [...]
| So I ask you, is there any way in the world that this new contract could
| improve the situation? Not at all. Who knows what’s in the contract, but
| theoretically there could be something in there about pulling anti-Microsoft
| content in between the parts that cover flooding the site with pro Microsoft
| ads and of course, anti Linux/UNIX ads.