Linux-based SDR targets 700MHz Femtocells

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| Vanu Inc. and BitWave Semiconductor have demonstrated a Linux-based
| software-defined radio (SDR) for wireless Femtocell base stations. Designed
| to handle the 700MHz spectrum due to be auctioned in January, the SDR offers
| simultaneous operation of multiple standards, enabling a fast transition to
| multifaceted Femtocells, says Vanu.


FCC ignores more than 100 years of wisdom

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| In 1883 French cryptographer Auguste Kerckhoffs published a set of six
| design principles for military encryption systems. The second of these
| principles is generally known today under the observation that security
| through obscurity is not security. The Federal Communications Commission
| (FCC) seems not to have read the history books or to be aware of how its
| sister federal agencies develop security standards....

The FCC, FOSS, and software radios: a mixed bag

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| After studying the new rules -- published in the Federal Register last month
| and taking effect today -- the SFLC concluded that the laws are not
| FOSS-restrictive because they "apply to hardware manufacturers who distribute
| SDR devices, regardless if they use FOSS in them or not." And the Center says
| that since the rules specifically mention the GNU/Linux operating system, the
| FCC is actually acknowledging the importance of open source.

Is The FCC Blocking Wireless Competition?

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| With the nationwide expansion of fiber-optic wiring and digital delivery at
| the turn of the century, the federal government reclaimed and is still
| reclaiming large amounts of spectrum. *