Fedora vs. Ubuntu : choose a linux distribution best suits you

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| 8. Visual Effects. Ubuntu 7.10 offers normal compiz visual effects right
| after a fresh install. And you can choose to enable more. Fedora 8 came with
| the minimal. (And of course, in both versions, the earlier the edition, the
| less the effects.) But if you are really into this, I am sure they both don't
| offer enough and you can go to the communities to let people help you
| discover the maximal.


Linux Vs Bsd - a comparison

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| 18) If you compile programs from ports, you will not stumble into compilation
| errors. BSD packagers prepare their packages carefully, so that users will
| always compile them successfully. This does not always happen with Linux.



Linux vs. BSD, What's the Difference?

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| In this article, I'll compare Ubuntu 7.04 (Fiesty Fawn) with the (as of this
| writing) upcoming release of PC-BSD 1.4.


Kubuntu v.s. PC-BSD

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| I played a bit with Kubuntu this morning in preparation for the
| article "PC-BSD for Ubuntu Users". It made sense to me to compare the two
| operating systems if they were both running the same window manager (KDE) so
| I wouldn't be distracted by Gnome v.s. KDE issues. That was my first
| mistake....


Ubuntu 7.10: adding some 'bling' to Linux

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| Ubuntu 7.10 (codenamed 'Gutsy Gibbon') could arguably be called the 'bling'
| release of the world's most popular Linux distribution. Swish 3D desktop
| effects, coupled with a new display configuration tool, make eye-candy the
| focus. *


The Linux Battle: Ubuntu vs. Fedora

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| Up to this point, Ubuntu appears to be taking the lead in the open
| source operating system world with a strong backing from Dell
| Computers. Both operating systems are fully functional and have
| surprisingly strong features.


Fedora v. Ubuntu: A Performance Look

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| In this article we have enclosed benchmarks from Fedora Core 6,
| Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft, Fedora 7 Test 2, and Ubuntu Feisty Fawn Herd
| 5. In gaming and desktop benchmarks, which of these Linux
| distributions is faster? We hope to answer that question today.


It can't be easy being Fedora, overshadowed by Ubuntu

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| You can clearly see Fedora as king through 2004 until Ubuntu (the plucky chap
| in red) started his rise to fame. Towards Q1 of 2005 Ubuntu surpassed Fedora
| as the most searched Linux distro and it's stayed there. *


Ubuntu vs. Red Hat on Compete.com, Hitwise, and Google Trends

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| Clearly, Ubuntu is catching up with Red Hat, at least in terms of the number
| of visitors to its website, and Debian (on which Ubuntu is based) continues
| to be the community distribution of choice, blowing away Red Hat's Fedora and
| Novell's OpenSuSe. *


Linux vs Linux

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| Well, that’s what Atomic’s here to sort out for you. We’ve looked at
| distributions at all levels, from the newcomers that need a bit of
| hand-holding, to those looking to get their feet wet with command-line tools
| and new technology, and the Linux kung-foo masters that are ready for
| something truly hardcore. * *