teachtiro@yahoo.com wrote:
> Hello,
> I need some guidance in taking a step forward into being a good open
> source developer. I have knowledge in c programming. Now, i wanna be
> part of open source community, but when we take a product the source
> code is very huge, there must be some kind of documentation on which
> function does what and what it relies upon.

The source code is the documentation.

> Are there some procedures
> followed by open source development community to make it easy for
> others to understand the source code (sure, this is not something
> restricted to open source, every development team must be doing this),
> as an e.g. consider a command in linux, i would like to edit how it
> behaves, how should i proceed.
> one way, for e.g., is to use 'find' to look for the function, but iam
> expecting more clear way of doing than that.

Try cscope or source navigator.

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