Microsoft Adds NAP for Linux and Mac

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| Microsoft's Network Access Protection platform is being extended to Linux and
| the Mac in heterogeneous network environments through third-party products.

No GPL poison in sight (yet). It serves Microsoft though (see below).

BakBone Announces Certification of NetVault: Backup on Oracle(R) Enterprise

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| Backup is now certified on Oracle(R) Enterprise Linux.


Why the world needs openness, not interoperability.

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| This NAC/NAP lovefest would be laughable if it weren't such
| a kick-in-the-teeth to the rest of the industry, enterprise IT, and
| all Internet users. A Cisco/Microsoft oligopoly stalls implementation,
| stifles innovation, and makes the network less secure. In this way, Cisco
| and Microsoft are standing in the way of progress.

Cisco, Microsoft, Others Get Together On Security

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| Microsoft, Cisco Systems and the open-standards Trusted Computing
| Group each developed their own NAC approaches, which use a variety
| of software and hardware to boost network security.

Cisco makes news with big partners

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| Cisco Systems, known for its aggressive acquisition strategy, is pushing
| forward with its partnership program as it announces the completion of a
| security platform with Microsoft and a new marketing partnership with
| business software company SAP.

Cisco CEO Says Microsoft Screws Its Partners Everytime...Just Like Apple.

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| If partnering with Microsoft is not a win-win then it must be a win-lose…in
| Microsoft’s favor of course.

Cisco finds that it's not so easy working with Microsoft

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| Apparently Microsoft has "taken limited steps to share users' presence and
| availabilty information," for fear of losing its ability to own all of the
| client. *
| Someone should tell Chambers that in reality it's not so easy working with
| Microsoft. *