Tour of GNOME Online Desktop

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| Here’s a tour of the pre-alpha demo release of GNOME Online Desktop included
| in Fedora 8.


GNOME Online Desktop: "We will have to include Windows"

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| But to me when I use a desktop today I feel like there are major negatives to
| it - there are all kinds of maintenance and backups to worry about. Just
| cleaning up the desktop background, cause it's cluttered full of junk to not
| having calendar notifications, having recent documents be the wrong documents
| and not the online documents that I'm actually using. * *

Open Source Developers calling for the next desktop revolution

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| Future GNOME releases might have seamless integration with online services
| and store their configuration on the web - Novell and parts of the community
| seem to agree with Red Hats proposal

Desktop On Demand - New WebOS Launches

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| The product is being built by a company called Defuturo, which says
| that the core of DOD is the Linux Gnome desktop environment "and the
| growing myriad of applications constantly being developed for it." So
| it is using an open source platform and building a virtual desktop
| service on top of that. DOD aims to extend rather than replace a
| local computer, but I think they need to work on their messaging
| on how exactly they'll do this.