Roy Schestowitz lied again:

> Poll: In a fight between Vista, OS X, Linux, XP...


Windows XP: 42%
OS/X: 27%
Linux: 16%
Windows Vista: 14%
Other Unix: 1%
Total: 100%

Windows combined: 56%
OS/X: 27%
Linux: 16%

> Wow. is known for its big and sophisticated readership. A
> shocker to Microsoft for sure and good news to Linux, which TOPPED
> Vista in this poll.

When you get excited you wet your pants and start babbling, Toy. If the
"sophisticated readership" of GREATLY prefers the 6-year old XP
over 6-month old Linux, and if they barely choose Linux over Vista, and if
Vista is as ****ty as you cola wacks have been claiming for a year... well
then you figure it out.