"HangEveryRepubliKKKan" wrote in

> Ahahahaha.. Lets see if I get this Demented Lintard reasoning right.
> Vista is a failure becuase after 300 days after it's release, it only
> has 7.5% of the OS market while the Lintard OS, is a shashing success
> because after 18 years after being released it has less than 2% (and
> falling) of the OS market.

Vista is not a failure, unlike your parents.

Not a commercial failure anyway. It can't be a failure based on the fact
that MS has had the OEMS roped in since the late 80's.

What Vista seems to fail on is the 'WOW' factor that MS advertised. It was
expected for Vista to be a major upgrade from XP. It's not. Many of the
major features, that are somewhat innovative and new were pulled from Vista
before it's release because 6 or 7 years wasn't enough development time for
MS to make them work properly.

One indication of it's laskluster appeal, is that MS has said, by it's own
estimates, that going into 2008, WindowsXP will bring in 22% of the income.

That's not a good sign.

As everyone like to make automobile analogies, let's look at this one.

Toyota. Toyota started selling cars in the USA about 50 years ago. Just
this past year, Toyota vehicles outsold GM for the very first time.

So Toyota is a loser company and their products are trash because it took
50 years to do so ?