Hmm, no responses. How about another way at it? I've got the cciss driver
from sourceforge, in source rpm format. This driver seems to work well on
the 6i controller, given that i have RH9 installed already, on an alternate
disk, so that I can build it.
Can anyone tell me teh process that needs to happen in order to create a
driver disk that can be used at RH9 install (using 2.4.20-8BOOT kernel) that
will let me install onto my 6i controller?
I'd appreciate it. Any other recommendations are welcome as well (just
don't tell me to use a more current dist ) Right now I'm planning on
installing to external disk, integrating cciss driver, then duping
partitions to 6i array. Seems like a hassle, hopefully theres a better way.


"DR" wrote in message
> Does anyone have a way of getting RH9 installed on the DL380 G4 with
> Smartarray 6i raid controller? It seems the cciss driver included with
> RH9 doesn't work on the 6i controller, and HP doesn't provide a driver
> disk for RH9. Due to the particular app that will be used on this
> machine, it has to be running RH9, specifically the kernel that comes on
> the RH9 cd.
> At install RH claims there are no hard drives found.
> Thanks