StartCom Enterprise Linux (AS-5.0.1) - Update Release

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| StartCom is pleased to announce the availability of StartCom Enterprise Linux
| AS-5.0.1. StartCom Linux is using the latest in open source technology and
| with its known stability, reliability and security allows for
| mission-critical server deployments. This update release provides improved
| support for virtualization - the running of multiple instances of operating
| systems on one physical hardware unit.

SplashTop Source Code Release Coming

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| According to the SplashTop blog, the code release is imminent while a more
| formal SplashTop SDK will ship at a later time. Once the SplashTop source
| release is available, we'll of course post an update (with another possible
| article).

Everything is Free, apart from SLED/SLES (Novell), Linspire, and some other


Why is there no Open Source SLES ?

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| One of them is that the SLES community is much smaller and more aimed at
| proprietary software. Novell itself is promoting Mixed Source and promotes
| its own proprietary software on top of SLES (also see OES). This obviously
| scares part of the community away. The deal with Microsoft obviously does as
| well. As a result Novell is big within Enterprises with little community
| people, and these are not the kind of people that would spend their free time
| rebuilding packages and do QA.
| Another reason is that Novell is not in favor of such a project (even though
| people from within Novell _and_ people in the SLES community disagree with
| management) because it fears it will take away some of the profit and Novell
| made a big risk by taking the Linux route, they cannot afford to make it
| fail.

ASUS add WiFi-N, quick-boot Linux to P5E3 motherboard

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| hat last part is perhaps the most interesting; ASUS are calling it Express
| Gate, but it’s basically a fast-boot alternative that, in just five seconds,
| bypasses Windows and gives you a web-browser running in a custom Linux OS. *

Mach Boot: The live CD that supposedly boots in 10 seconds

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| Mach Boot won't replace Knoppix, and it won't replace Puppy, DSL or NimbleX
| either. But it's a tool all its own, one that could be very useful with a
| little more development time. *

Tiny WiFi-enabled Linux box boots in 1.1 seconds

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| Technologic continues to reduce the boot time, price, and size of
| its embedded boards and systems targeting remote sensing and other
| power-critical applications. Its new $100 ARM9-based TS-7400 board can
| boot Linux in 1.1 seconds, and is available as part of a tiny
| WiFi-enabled system.

Flexible ARM9 SBC boots Linux in 1.69 seconds

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| Technologic Systems is offering a freely downloadable, Debian-based Linux
| OS image said to boot from an SD card in less than two seconds, on the
| company's ARM9-based SBC (single-board computer).

PCs Could Run Multiple Operating Systems

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| The HyperSpace environment would be based on Linux, giving the freely
| distributed operating system what could be its biggest break yet in the
| struggle to gain traction against Windows on PCs. *

Microsoft nonchalant about Phoenix assault on Windows

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| BIOS maker Phoenix Technologies Ltd.'s plans to market a new application
| platform the company claims will solve a number of problems endemic to
| Microsoft's Windows platform might be taken as a provocative gesture at their
| longtime partner. But Redmond's immediate reaction was nonchalant.
| On Monday, the Milpitas, Calif. software maker announced Hyperspace, a
| Linux-based virtualization platform that will let OEMs bundle cut-down
| versions of popular open-source software that end users will be able to
| access instantly, even without booting Windows.

Phoenix HyperSpace: Quick-Boot Your Laptop

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| Phoenix Technologies' new HyperSpace is an instant-on environment for
| laptops, letting users launch a browser or other apps with booting into the
| OS.
| Today, Phoenix Technologies introduced a firmware product called HyperSpace,
| which allows PCs to run a number of applications separate from the operating
| system. What that means is that if you use a PC equipped with HyperSpace, you
| will be able to quick-boot your notebook into a secure Linux environment,
| where you can use Web browsers like FireFox and pre-loaded Web-aware apps
| like Google Earth, Picasa, and the like.
| [...]
| Also, since HyperSpace is a Linux-based platform, Windows viruses won't
| affect it.

Dell Creating Consumer PCs Complete with Virtualization

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| And in a similar fashion to what Parallels and VMware Fusion did for the
| Intel-based Mac community, this could give the Linux operating system a boost
| from consumers who want to use the open source software but don't want to
| lose out on what Microsoft's Windows platforms offer.

Dell to stuff hypervisors in flash memory

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| Dell CTO Kevin Kettler today confirmed these plans during a speech here at
| LinuxWorld, saying the company expects to see major performance and
| power-saving improvements by dumping a hypervisor in flash. Customers will
| basically "boot to a virtual machine-ready" state, he said.