Battle for the transparency

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| It's been a while now, and I'm still trying to enforce HZN (Croatian national
| standards body, or CSI) to disclose the information on members of their TC
| that voted unconditional yes for Microsoft OOXML. (more about that on
| Croatian blog Fuzzy on
| It's no more about OOXML. It's about transparency, about my right to know who
| are the people that declare standards, and about my right to hold them
| responsible for their actions.
| They're stubborn. So am I. I have reached the point where the only sensible
| thing to do is to - sue them. Which is what I'm set up to.

Not the first case that legal action is mentioned. Microsoft is a criminal.
Those who collaborate with it are criminals by association.


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| Just yesterday I was sitting in the relevant meeting of SNV/UK14
| (, that decides how Switzerland will vote. The
| chairman (Hans-Rudolf Thomann) explained the following rules:
| - we are here to create standards, not to reject them
| - if we reach consensus (>=75%) to vote for Microsoft, we will vote
| for Microsoft
| - if we only reach a majority (>=50%) to vote for Microsoft, we
| will vote for Microsoft
| - if we reach a majority to vote against Microsoft, we will vote
| for Microsoft
| - if we reach consensus to vote against Microsoft, we will abstain

Microsoft’s secretive standards orgs in Former Yugoslavia

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| Croatian laws keep its national body’s votes secret, so the only way for the
| Croatian public to find out how the process went would be if a board member
| illegally leaked information out of CSI. This is, of course, unlikely to
| happen. And the Serbian national standardization body is not officially
| formed, so those two votes were easy for Microsoft, and probably not only
| ones around the globe. * * *

Microsoft Tech Ed 2007: OpenXML

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| He was asked "Why did Microsoft push OOXML through the "Fast Track" process
| instead of the standard ISO process? Wouldn't they get less resistance than
| faced now?" *
| His response was very frank: "Office is a USD$10 billion revenue generator
| for the company. When ODF was made an ISO standard, Microsoft had to react
| quickly as certain governments have procurement policies which prefer ISO
| standards. Ecma and OASIS are 'international standards', but ISO is the
| international 'Gold Standard'. Microsoft therefore had to rush this standard
| through. Its a simple matter of commercial interests!" * *
`---- * * * * * *^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Evidence of Microsoft Influencing OOXML Votes in Nordic States

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| "This is how a standard is bought," Bosson wrote later. "I left the meeting
| in protest - pissed off."

Microsoft Memo to Partners in Sweden Surfaces: Vote Yes for OOXML - Updated

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| He acknowledges that the rules might need to be changed.

The OOXML Problem

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| Another thing, by introducing a "new fancy" document format, MS can hold a
| tighter grip round existing customers and get more on the false pretence that
| they've "opened up". *

Rejecting OOXML

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| All the CIOs say they want is XML documents; unfortunately they aren't as
| aware as Georg Greve, above, that Microsoft's implementation of XML is
| exceedingly half-hearted. *