Lord of the Rings Online: DX10 Patch

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| The DX10 codepath offered by the latest update to the Lord of the Rings
| client software gives us no reason to recommend anyone upgrade to Windows
| Vista right now to use it. It offers a couple of real visual quality
| upgrades, but currently with a monstrous performance penalty.


ATI drivers for Linux give 20% higher framerate in GNU/Linux in recent a


ATI: Linux vs. Windows Vista

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| Wow! We were completely blown away when our final results came in and the
| Linux 8.42.3 driver had outperformed Windows Vista with Catalyst 7.10 in
| Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. It wasn't just a neck-and-neck race but Linux
| was about 10 frames per second faster when running at 1280 x 1024 and 1680 x
| 1050. * *


Gears of War PC Performance and IQ

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| DX10 On = No Advantage
| We are not sure exactly what turning on DX10 does, but we do know it causes a
| large performance drop on every video card. In our testing we found
| absolutely no image quality differences by turning this to “On.” The only
| benefit was being able to use “On/Antialiasing” for 4X AA, but you need a
| very fast video card to use that setting. If you have a GeForce 8800
| GTX/Ultra level video card you can enjoy that setting. But on the GeForce
| 8800 GT/GTS and Radeon HD 2900 XT you will have to sacrifice other in-game
| options or resolutions in order to use 4X AA. It is rather a shame because we
| noticed that 4X AA does improve the visual quality of this game in a
| noticeable way.
| Disappointing In-Game AA Controls
| [...]
| Overall Summary
| Gears of War plays very well with DX10 set to “Off,” and this is the mode you
| will find the best gaming performance with.
| [...]
| The Bottom Line
| We found no image quality differences inherent to enabling DX10 mode, but we
| did find a large performance drop on every video card. Simply put there is no
| reason to run this game in DX10 unless you have a powerful enough video card
| to handle 4X AA with this mode enabled. For the best performance run this
| game with DX10 “Off” and crank up the resolution with maximum in-game
| settings for a very fun, fast paced, action game.



Inside CNET Labs: Lamenting DirectX 10

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| We compared the same title side by side on a system running DX10 on Vista to
| the same title on an identical system running DX9 on XP, and it's
| difficult--sometimes impossible--to detect significant differences in how the
| games look or perform. *


Adding DX10 has "done nothing"

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| Having tested the DX10 rendering path against the DX9 version, the chaps at
| the fantastically named Elite Bastards say that they can't "Help but feel a
| little disappointed to see yet another game where the inclusion of DirectX 10
| functionality has done nothing for the title either graphically or from
| performance standpoint". * *


Vista still lacks the gaming performance of XP

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| The computers were tested with the latest ATi drivers with all OS patches and
| updates applied. *The indexing service was turned off, details in the game
| were set to “ultra high” with a resolution of 1024 x 768 (yeah, can’t really
| expect much out of a 2600XT card). *


Does WINE + Linux support more Windows apps than Vista?

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| WINE supports most of the applications which are made for Windows
| 2.0 up to Windows XP. WINE has the ability to run different versions
| of IE, run most of Adobe's products, run World of Warcraft, Half Life
| 2, Microsoft Office 2003, XP, 2000 and 97, Visio, Quicken,
| * * * Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars
| * * * Need for Speed Carbon
| * *
| [...]
| What about drivers, hardware support, and upgrades?
| Want to upgrade you XP to Vista? no chance. might as well do a fresh
| install and shell out $300.


XP vs. Vista - A Tale of Framerate

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| Seldom has the rumor mill turned faster than when gamers talk about gaming
| in Vista. Some folks are staying away from the new OS simply because
| they feel it doesn?t game well.


A Messy Transition (Part 3): Vista Buys Some Time

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| Under Vista the game is still using an additional 160MB of virtual address
| space compared to XP, but this is far better than the gap being the entire
| size of the video memory on our 8800GTX prior to the hotfix. *


30 Days with Windows Vista

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| Comparisons, conjecture, and controversy. Microsoft's new operating
| system is here, but is it ready for primetime? We spend 30 days
| with Windows Vista to see if it's worth the leap or if Microsoft
| should go back to the drawing board.


Vista Offers Nothing to Gamers

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| This is just a small sampling of games obviously, but for our
| intended experiment, I think they did the trick. We wanted to
| simulate what a normal gamer might go through in order to play
| games on Vista, and the end result was just slightly more hassle
| than you would with XP.


Windows Vista and casual games: the woe starts now

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| Casual game company alleges the security of Microsoft's new
| OS goes to far and stifles web-based games.


World of Warcraft - Poor Frame Rates on Windows Vista

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| I have to say that the performance results are pretty disappointing. The
| test machine is a 2.5Ghz Pentium 4, with 2GB of RAM and a 256MB Radeon 9600
| video card. This same machine stayed regularly in the 40fps range with
| Windows XP installed. Now, sitting around in Orgrimmar, it?s struggling to
| stay above 20fps, regularly dipping into the teens. The scary part is that
| even standing idle, my CPU usage is pegged at 100% and 60% of my RAM is
| used.


Windows Vista Gaming Performance Reports

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| First is the fact that Vista is not going to be an OS for an ultimate
| gaming machine anytime soon. This is something that you should
| consider before you throw a bunch of cash at a new computer and
| then pick up Vista along with it.