Infected websites list tops 66,000

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| The method reminded him of a particularly widespread wibbling infection back
| in February named for the Superbowl due to its timing, so he investigated a
| bit. Indeed, he found that the same malicious websites that were used then as
| redirection targets are again implicated.

It's like Russian roulette. Just make sure you're never redirected to one among
66,000+ (e.g. via ads; see news below). Try to teach and explain this to
someone who never used the Internet before.

DoubleClick caught supplying malware-tainted ads

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| DoubleClick, the massive internet advertising network that recently agreed to
| be bought by Google, has been caught serving rogue ads designed to trick
| users into buying unneeded software, according to an article on eWeek.

Another reason to use Linux. Don't even visit IndiaTimes or check your bank
account in the Bank of India. Virtually any site can attack Windows.


IndiaTimes website 'attacks visitors'

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| Visitors to the IndiaTimes website are being bombarded by malware, some of
| which appear to target previously unknown vulnerabilities in Windows, a
| security researcher warns. *
| [...]
| She said most pages on the IndiaTimes site are clean. Those that are
| infected, however, contain a potent ****tail of downloader and dropper
| Trojans and other binaries. They contain a script that points to remote
| sites, some of which link to still other sites. The malicious files exploit
| multiple vulnerabilities, and some appear to be previously unknown flaws in
| Windows, according to Landesman, who used to be a security researcher for
| Microsoft. * * *
| A Microsoft spokesman said he was looking in to the report.

How the Online Trust Model is Broken - The Bank of attack

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| Manually entering the addresses into a browser will load some of them,
| suggesting that those upstream malware sources are active (others have
| already been shut down).