Yahoo sets program to boost distributed computing

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| Yahoo has been a main supporter of Hadoop, an open source distributed file
| system that lets users process massive amounts of data. The company said it
| would make Hadoop available to academic research in a supercomputing-class
| data center.

127 million Oracle shares vote for open source at annual shareholders meeting

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| While seemingly a lot, 127 million shares doesn't add up to much in Oracle's
| world. 127,717,018 shares only account for 3.58% of Oracle's total share
| count.


Yahoo! Answers is rejecting Open-Source options in answers

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| Someone got a computer from a friend that has some serious problems
| with Windows. S/he has none of the disks (XP or restore) and was
| asking for recommendations.
| [...]
| How is recommending freely available and legal alternatives abuse?
| ImgBurn is also a perfectly legal program, so are Ubuntu and Kubuntu
| (they're Linux).

Open source as a shareholder issue

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| Oracle’s board opposes the proposal - which might upset some open source
| purists - and has outlined its belief that such a report is unnecessary. In
| its proxy statement the company points out that it already makes available
| details of its open source projects. *

Oracle's Unbreakable Linux...All about Microsoft?

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| Oracle therefore needs to shore up its market share on Linux, which
| becomes easier the lower the price of Linux becomes. Price aside,
| tying Linux into the Oracle database and applications in a similar
| way to how Microsoft ties its products into Windows makes a lot of sense.

Is Oracle Good for the Linux Market?

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| Over the long term, it's possible that the Oracle/Red Hat dynamic
| could ultimately prove less divisive than an LSB unified Linux.
| But in the interim, Oracle's likely to be lowering the oxygen content
| in the largest commercial Linux market in return for what I believe
| are likely to be modest gains. Do the risks justify the returns in
| this case? Not from where I'm sitting, but I promise to keep an
| open mind.

Oracle drives rise of open source embedded database

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| Oracle acquired Berkeley DB's originator, Sleepycat, in February
| 2006, provoking speculation that it was moving to close down
| some of the open source competition that was eating at its market
| share. Instead, Oracle has provided a commercially licensed version
| alongside the open source project.

Former Oracle President: Taking On Ellison?

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| The startup is developing new methods to ensure interoperability between
| open source applications--which will increasingly compete with Oracle's
| commercial software stacks.