Review of Fedora 8 (by Simon G. Hildenbrand)

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| Overall, I truly believe that Fedora 8 is by far the best Fedora release to
| date (and I've tried every one of them). From the look and feel of the
| system, to the out-of-the-box configuration during installation, I couldn't
| be happier with a cutting edge release.
| As I mentioned before, the biggest aspects of a successful distribution for
| me are suspend/hibernate, correct screen resolution and the the ability to
| change the screen resolution in a GUI if it didn't configure it correctly the
| first time, system stability, and overall look and feel of a distribution.
| For me, Fedora 8 has excelled in all categories when I evaluate and review a
| system and I hope that Fedora continues to release versions that are put
| together as good as Fedora 8 has been.

Fedora/Linux for Noobs

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| The desktop in Fedora 7 (Gnome) is very pleasing to look at. With clean lines
| and soft colors it has a Mac-like appeal with the taskbars of Windows. You
| can easily add items to the taskbars (panels), move them around, make them
| transparent, and even remove them if wanted. Icons are clear and resizable so
| you’re not stuck with dinky XP icons. I have modified my desktop somewhat for
| productivity. One of the beauties of Linux is the degree of customization
| available to make your workspace the way you want it.


Red Hat's Fedora 8 hope: An all-purpose Linux foundation

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| The ability to "re-spin" Fedora is attracting some interest. Among the
| Fedora-based variations that will be available are one for gaming, one for
| designing microprocessors, and one for programmers.

An old hat with new tricks: Fedora 8 officially released

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| I've been experimenting with Fedora 8 test 3, and I like what I see. This is
| a nice release with a pretty sweet assortment of features that you won't find
| anywhere else. Fedora still manages to differentiate itself and rise above
| many other contenders by delivering early access to new technologies.

A peek at Red Hat's Fedora 8 Linux [Screenshots tour]

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| Red Hat's Fedora 8 version of Linux is set to debut Thursday, the latest
| version of a product line geared for enthusiasts, programmers, and Linux
| users who want to get a taste of what's to come in the supported Red Hat
| Enterprise Linux.