Is Freespire Really Free?

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| That read to me entirely like a proprietary license. Of course I am not a
| lawyer and I may be misinterpreting something. Still, I am seriously
| uncomfortable about having Freespire on my system based on their EULA.
| My review was also postponed by the release of version 2.03 which corrects
| many of the bugs I ran into. So… do I review 2.03? Probably not, at least
| until Freespire makes clear that they are truly an Open Source OS that I can
| use as I see fit without fee. I’m not at all sure Freespire is even free “as
| in free beer”.


Freespire aspires, but fails to inspire

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| I personally liked Freespire, but it may not be the best choice for a person
| coming straight from Windows, as I found some previous Linux experience
| necessary in order to fully enjoy it. For those users, I recommend giving
| SimplyMEPIS, PCLinuxOS, or Stux Linux a look. I can run any of these without
| ever opening a terminal thanks to their graphical configurations and package
| management systems. * *

Freespire On; Freespire Off

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| I've been waiting for months for the release of Freespire 2.0. Over the past
| two years I've downloaded and tried many distros but had been saving
| the "best for last." *

Linspire CEO Kevin Carmony resigns

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| Carmony also said his resignation, contrary to some rumors, had nothing to do
| with any disagreement with Linspire's primary owner Michael Robertson, or
| with fallout from either of Linspire's recent deals with Microsoft, which
| covered technology licensing and patent indemnification. *
| Carmony joined Linspire, then known as "Lindows," in June of 2001 to become
| its president. Later, he became the company's CEO. *

Freespire, Linspire, and Microsoft patents

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| Microsoft denies that this is the case, and argues that, in particular, the
| GPLv3 has nothing to do with it. However, with its July 5 Covenant to
| Customers concerning its Linspire deal, Microsoft is trying to put even more
| distance between any potential patent claims and the GPLv3. *