Vista Has Failed: The Case For Windows XP SP 3.

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| Just another huge Microsoft misstep considerably greater than the defunct and
| completely unmourned Windows ME, The S.S. Vista has more dinghys hitting the
| water than the Titanic. A surprisingly large number of people are "upgrading"
| back to XP (a not very simple prospect) and all the major computer
| manufacturers and retailers are rushing XP preloaded PCs back onto their
| catalogs and shelves.

Funny pictures on page ("Windows Vista Ultimate Cr*p"). Also quite funny...

Vista (old):

Vista iPhone:


This Just In: Vista Blows!

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| Even more confusing, is that XP Pro with as close to identical permission as
| possible, logs the user in without a hitch. I did not think I’d live to see
| the day where I would be singing the praises of XP. *

The Vista Death Watch

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| Microsoft has extended the life of Windows XP because Vista has simply not
| shown any life in the market. We have to begin to ask ourselves if we are
| really looking at Windows Me/2007, destined to be a disdained flop. By all
| estimates the number of Vista installations hovers around the number of Macs
| in use.
| How did this happen? And what’s going to happen next? Does Microsoft have a
| Plan B? A number of possibilities come to mind, and these things must be
| considered by the company itself.

Why I feel Vista is as bad as Windows ME?

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| This long-time PC user talked about how he felt about Vista and why he
| decided to switch to Apple Leopard.