Feature plans for Fedora 9

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| Fedora 8 is out now and plans for Fedora 9 are made. The feature list is
| already in place and contains several entries.


RPM Fusion for Fedora

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| Time will tell if RPM Fusion will live up to its own expectations and will be
| able to provide a consistent and fully working 3rd party repository for
| Fedora 9 or even Fedora 8.


Red Hat is yet to /truly/ enter the desktop arena. Soon, very soon (see below).


Fedora 9 Release Planning Begins

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| In traditional fashion, this next Fedora release should arrive in May of
| 2008 -- meaning that it will run head-to-head with Ubuntu 8.04 LTS "Hardy
| Heron". *


Fedora 9 features list unveiled

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| This is my first class at the features list, I’ll probably go deeper into it.



Red Hat Preps Desktop Blitz, Regional Events

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| The VAR Guy hears. After focusing mainly on x86 servers in recent years, Red
| Hat will move both downstream and upstream while rallying partners at
| regional events later this year. *


Red Hat Global Desktop to appear in November

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| When Red Hat announced its upcoming Linux desktop at its annual summit in
| May, the company predicted the Red Hat Global Desktop would be out by
| September. Now, delayed a bit, the new desktop Linux will be appearing in
| November, company executives are saying. *


Red Hat Offers Global Desktop for Linux

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| With Red Hat launching a new Linux-based desktop operating system,
| called Global Desktop for Linux, one analyst is saying the software
| could be "huge" for Linux, particularly in developing countries that
| haven't gone the Microsoft Windows route. Red Hat's Global Desktop
| for Linux is a commercial spinoff of the One Laptop Per Child project.


Red Hat small business desktops available in Australia early 2008

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| According to Mr Riveros, Red Hat's new Linux desktop release will be easy to
| implement by small businesses with no Linux expertise in house and will
| require less security knowledge than for Microsoft Windows. *


Dell beefs up Precision portable workstation line

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| Dell is adding more power to its high-end line of mobile workstations with
| the debut of the Precision M6300, a 17" notebook geared at engineers,
| developers, video editors and others who need to tote around some serious
| silicon. *
| [...]
| RedHat Linux 5.1 will be available on the system in October.