Intuit slow on Quicken and Quickbooks for Linux

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| "I am desirous of using Ubuntu as a replacement for Microsoft XP. I use
| Quicken as a financial system because my bank uses it. As a consequence,and
| because Quicken may not be used on Linus systems, I necessarily retain XP
| solely for that use. Do you know of a program which can replace Quicken, or
| do you expect Quicken to be adapted to Linux? I don't want to use WINE, for I
| want to completely leave the Microsoft influence."
| Those who want more convincing about the desire of users to get away from
| Windows completely may want to consider what a number of small business users
| are saying on Intuit's own forum here .


QuickBooks For Linux

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| Yes! Linux PLEASE! We have completed an evaluation of the latest Ubuntu
| distribution of Linux, version 6.10 ("Edgy"), and we believe it is not only a
| better business desktop than Windows XP, but once a few (free) items such as
| Beryl are added in it is superior to Microsoft Vista. Ubuntu would be our
| business desktop of choice, but the main item holding us back is Quickbooks.
| I am sure this is true for many generic business desktops. * *

Hopefully they watch this. Intuit and Microsoft.


Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Enters Linux Fold

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| The move acknowledges that Linux has found a home in some business
| accounts, at least in the back office. Until now QuickBooks
| Enterprise shops had to run their accounting database on a
| Windows server even if they ran other applications on Linux.
| That now changes.