Malware Planted on MySpace Once Again

,----[ Quote ]
| Specifically, visitors to these MySpace pages are directed to
| This appears to be a Chinese malware site. If the visitors accept the code
| installation, the site installs malicious software.

Alicia Keys hit by MySpace Trojan hack

Vista has already had flaws that can compromise the whole system by merely
visiting a Web page (idle). The 'fix' was no good either (see below).


,----[ Quoet ]
| Installing Microsoft's Tuesday patch for a "critical" Windows
| vulnerability is causing trouble for some users.
| Microsoft broke with its monthly patch cycle on Tuesday to repair a
| bug in the way Windows handles animated cursors. Cyber crooks had
| been using the hole since last week to attack Windows PCs. But the
| fix is not compatible with software that runs audio and networking
| components from Realtek Semiconductor, some Windows users have
| found.
| Dave House, a reader of sister site CNET, wrote
| in an email: "Apparently the update is not compatible with Realtek.
| We lost all Ethernet and audio functions. Removing the update and
| doing system restores brought the systems back."