Google's Android just a press release, says Ballmer

,----[ Quoteb ]
| Google's plans to enter the mobile industry with a cell phone platform might
| have impressed many in the industry but not Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft
| and one of Google's biggest competitors.

Well, apparently he refuses to believe that HTC and others already build and
work on those phone. He also lied about mobile Linux several months ago... he
does that a lot... lying about Linux market share... "Google reads your mail,
we don't"... "Google is a house of cards"... "Linux is a cancer..."


HTC to make first Android handset

,----[ Quote ]
| Taiwanese mobile-handset manufacturer HTC announced Tuesday that it will
| release its first Android-powered device into the European market in the
| second half of 2008. *

Five Facts About Google Phone

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| Initially there was one prototype, but over past few months Google has the
| mobile OS running on 3-to-5 devices, most of them likely made by HTC, a
| mobile phone maker, and all have Qwerty apps. The model that folks have seen
| is very similar to the T-Mobile Dash. Around 3GSM, there were rumors that
| Google, Orange and HTC were working together on mobile devices. * *