Boot Vista - A CALL TO ACTION!

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| HP may offer XP, but it isn't readily apparent...and it can be implied that
| they simply just sell Vista.
| This is troubling for a few reasons:
| 1. Hardware manufacturers are openly pushing and selling a defective product.
| They either do not offer an alternative, make the alternative more difficult
| to select, or simply recommend the defective product over the alternative.
| 2. Before "rolling back to XP", many consumers purchased defective versions
| of Windows with machines or from stores or the internet, without any
| alternative.

Multiple Monitors in Vista

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| So I go into my display settings only to see two of my three monitors
| available. So I mess with trying to get the other driver to load. I play with
| the video settings in the BIOS. No luck. As it turns out, the problem is that
| Vista simplified their display architecture by allowing only one video driver
| to load...
| I can definitely see the benefit in simplifying the display driver
| architecture for Vista. Simple = better when you’re talking about source
| code. However, in terms of usability this is definitely a step backwards.
| This only causes pain and configuration issues (and usually expensive new
| cards) for the user.

A step back, again.


Robert McLaws: Windows Vista Edition

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| Windows Defragmentation in Vista is the worst offender of all. It really has
| come full circle from the Windows 95 days.


Dutch Consumer Association declares war on Vista

Analyst slams Vista's 'backward' UI

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| Windows Vista is a step back in usability, researcher claims