HealthVault: software freedom and personal health records

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| Free software is about freedom from control. This article discusses how the
| free software ideals should be applied to hosted personal health record
| software and how Microsoft's newest PHR, HealthVault, is a threat to free
| software.

Brian Behlendorf on the Sharepoint threat to open source

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| What Brian did say about Sharepoint is potentially more troubling. Has the
| open-source community effectively given away a big chunk of the future's
| software stack to Microsoft? And has it effectively ceded the role of data
| aggregation to Sharepoint? The open-source world has superior wikis like
| Socialtext and MindTouch to Microsoft's internal wiki, but Microsoft's
| half-baked bundled suite is likely to win out unless the open-source world
| doesn't get together to present a viable open-source competitor.


Could SharePoint Be Microsoft’s New Mode of Lock-In?

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| This could be a tough one for IT leaders. Business users are comfortable with
| Microsoft. They know how to use the Office interface, and apparently like it
| to the point users will create their own mini-BI tools from Excel and opt out
| of the corporate system. But, if Asay’s right, vendor lock-in could cause
| unforeseen problems or major costs down the road. * *
| After reading Asay’s column and the interview with Nicholls, at least you’ll
| know which questions to ask before investing in either SharePoint or an
| alternative solution. *

The Coming Electronic Health Record Software Disaster

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| Free and Open Source Software has an answer for EHR businesses as well. They
| need not go out of business: They can switch to being non-proprietary vendors
| by simply changing their licensing terms and making their software available
| for download on Sourceforge or better yet simply using available
| non-proprietary EHR software. What is in it for them is vastly better
| infrastructure, more satisfied customers and much greater acceptance of EHR
| software that protects the rights of patients and doctors. This is unlikely
| to happen in the current climate. * * *

iSoft in critical condition as NHS trusts seek alternatives

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| The government's vision of an integrated computer system for the
| NHS is coming apart at the seams as NHS trusts are to start looking
| for alternative IT suppliers, The Guardian reports.

Microsoft in the NHS

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| Microsoft is one of the key technology firms in the £6.2 billion NHS
| IT programme. It is working particularly closely with iSOFT ...

Prescription for an I.T. Disaster?

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| In 2002, the British government embarked on a $12 billion effort to
| transform its health-care system with information technology. But
| the country's oversight agency now puts that figure at $24 billion,
| and two Members of Parliament say the project is "sleepwalking
| toward disaster."

NHS computer boss failed IT exams

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| Mary Granger is amazed that her son was put in charge of a £20bn
| project to transform the NHS's computer system. She is less
| surprised that his 'Connecting for Health' project is over-budget,
| behind schedule and threatening to become the biggest IT disaster
| in history.

NHS Scotland pools budget for Microsoft savings

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| NHS National Services Scotland forecasts it will save up to £8m over
| three years from a new procurement deal with Microsoft

Accenture escapes £1bn penalty for NHS walk-out

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| Accenture, the IT and consultancy firm has avoided huge penalty fees for
| withdrawing from the UK National Programme for IT (NPfIT).

Accenture: NHS failure is 'track record for success'

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| After months of negotiations, Accenture handed contracts worth £2bn over
| to rival Computer Sciences Corporation after getting paid just £110m
| for spending a third of the allotted 10 years on the job. Its hand had
| been forced by losses of $450m it was set to make on the deal this
| year.

CfH refutes computer failure claims

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| "Very often they are not major incidents as such, but could be caused when
| a patient administration system is running slow or there may be problems
| with the local network. The severity level is attributed by the user and
| this is subsequently very often down graded or amended."
| Many of the incidents that have been reported by CfH include failure of
| the systems used by surgeons to see X-ray pictures on a computer screen
| in wards and operating theatres. On some occasions the system is believed
| to have crashed during an operation, forcing surgeons to suspend the
| procedure while a hard copy of the X-ray is found.

NHS Direct all better

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| NHS Direct is back online this afternoon after going on the sick
| with a server error earlier today.
| According to Netcraft, the Windows 2000 server at the bargain
| basement hypochondriac magnet modern, accessible public healthcare
| resource was rebooted today. See here.
| Whatever malady did for the box, it was "unexpected", as the message
| on the site explained for most of today.
| NHS Direct was unavailable for comment at time of writing.