Ubuntu 7.10 Gibbon swings on the Asus Eee

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| The Gibbonfest continues. We've just had an Asus Eee in to look at - the £220
| laptop that everyone who's seen it is going to buy. It's one of the hottest
| things in the office this year: the combination of the insanely low price
| tag, the perfectly functional specification (512MB RAM, 4GB internal flash
| SSD, wi-fi, real keyboard, VGA display) and its extreme portability makes it
| an instant hit.


Xandroscalix has some new announcements about server software, but the press
isn't paying much attention. Maybe there will be more choice in the
next-generation Eees (April 2008), other than Windows, which doubles the cost.


Asustek's EEE now expected in October

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| There are likely to be around four or five different configurations, and the
| highly specced model will cost very much more than the slated $239.


Second-generation Asus Eee PC Mini Laptop Coming in April 2008

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| Asus will release the second Generation of Eee PC mini laptops in April 2008.
| The second-generation Eee PC laptops feature higher Intel's Merom processors
| (now Eee PC uses Intel Celeron M to 900 MHz). Also, Asus will reduce the
| power consumption of the next-generation laptops from 11W TDP down to 7W TDP. *


Asustek to Launch Low-Price Computer

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| The laptop, which will run the Linux operating system, will carry the
| company's ASUS brand.


News Corp undecided on making WSJ.com free

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| "It would be a very expensive thing to do in the short term," Murdoch told
| analysts on a telephone conference call to discuss News Corp's quarterly
| earnings. "In the long term, it may be a wonderful thing to do, but we're
| looking at it very closely." *


UMPC expected to spawn family of devices

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| Linux could still be well-represented in In-Stat's future UMD findings,
| however, if the current buzz around Linux- and Intel-based MIDs (mobile
| Internet devices) holds up. Currently, Red Flag, Ubuntu, and Gnome are among
| the open source software projects working on versions of their software
| specially aimed at mobile devices. * *


Asus Eee PC Price Hike, Limited Launch Next Month

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| Citing anonymous sources at the company, DigiTimes is reporting that Asus
| will begin shipping the Eee PC in September in four different configurations
| priced at $200, $240, $350, and $370. Exactly what these configurations will
| be is not yet known. *


Asus to Start Shipping Eee PC in September.

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| However, as the production increases, more affordable models should become
| widely available also. In 2007 they intend to ship 500,000 units of this
| series, and in 2008 the production should hit 3-5 mln units. *


$199 Linux Laptop Tantalizes Before Official Launch

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| This solution would work well for many families that just can't afford DSL or
| cable modem service.