IBM Powers Data Center Energy Efficiency and Availability

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| Today IBM announced a broad Power Systems Software initiative which includes
| a six-layer integrated, yet modular, systems software stack for UNIX, Linux®
| and i5/OS® customers including virtualization, operating systems and
| integration, high availability, security, energy management and platform
| management. Within the stack, IBM announced a number of new and updated
| offerings, extending its lead in UNIX virtualization and energy-management
| capabilities.

OpenBSD 4.2 review

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| Of all of the operating systems that I regularly cover, OpenBSD is the one I
| most dread reviewing. It's extremely difficult to find something new to say
| each release -- it's always the same spiel about small improvements and
| superior design. Reviews generally concentrate on how much a product has
| changed since the last release (or review). One thing that hasn't changed in
| OpenBSD, thankfully, is its outstanding release engineering.

OpenBSD: The proverbial thrill of victory ... and the agony of defeat

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| So giddy was I that the OpenBSD CD agreed to boot on my converted Maxspeed
| Maxterm thin client (with a VIA C3 Samuel processor that wouldn't allow the
| install of FreeBSD, NetBSD, DesktopBSD or PC-BSD) that I immediately launched
| into an install today. Whoa. I can't remember an installation process that
| was this geeky. You MUST have the instructions in front of you, or you will
| get nowhere fast.


The OpenBSD 4.2 Release

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| This is a partial list of new features and systems included in OpenBSD 4.2.
| For a comprehensive list, see the changelog leading to 4.2.

OpenBSD Foundation established in Canada

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| Today the OpenBSD Foundation announced that it has been fully formed as a
| legal entity in Canada, with the stated purpose of acting as the legal entity
| for handling donations and other legal and financial matters for the OpenBSD
| operating system and its associated projects. *