Fedora 8

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| On Thursday November 8th (about 3:00 PM GMT), Fedora 8 will go live to the
| world, and you will be able to download it at http://fedoraproject.org.


Red Hat legal speaks

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| I've gotten some legal updates that I know some people have been waiting
| for:
| libgpod/gtkpod support for newer ipods: Legal says that we can
| incorporate this code, it does not violate the DMCA, because it is
| solely for the purposes of interoperability.
| This means that we can go ahead and enable support for new ipods in
| Fedora.


ESR slammed Fedora after he had joined Linspire (recently left) because "people
want their iPods to work" (World Domination 101 essay).


What's New in Fedora 8?

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| Spins are Fedora Live CDs that are created to serve a certain number of
| people. It does so by having the applications that those people would need,
| in other words, it saves them the time to install these software. *
| There are three new spins shipped with Fedora 8: Games; Developer; and
| Electronic Lab. *


Fedora 8 renews tradition of innovations

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| This release makes it obvious that the Fedora community prides itself on
| innovation. *


Fedora 8 Test 3 [Screenshots]

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| There's still a month until the final release of Fedora 8, but Fedora 8 Test
| 3 is now available, which has a wealth of a new features. Among these new
| features is an Online Desktop powered via BigBoard, KDE 3.5.7 can be found on
| the KDE Live images, improved Live installations, improved yum performance
| for package management, IcedTea is now installed by default, CodecBuddy has
| been included for handling codecs, and improved power management. * *


ReviewLinux.Com: Quick Look at the New Fedora Core 8

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| We decided to have a quick look at the new Fedora Core 8. With its GNOME
| Desktop we found this distribution easy to install. Check out our short Flash
| Video about Fedora Core 8! *


Fedora 9 features list unveiled

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| This is my first class at the features list, I’ll probably go deeper into it.


New Display Tool Coming In Fedora 9

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| There's less than two weeks now until the release of Fedora 8, which has been
| codenamed Werewolf. However, it's not too early to start thinking about
| Fedora 9.