On Nov 3, 11:15 pm, Rex Ballard wrote:
> On Nov 3, 9:44 pm, "[H]omer" wrote:
> > | He left then came back with some Windows program
> > | and it was working but now when I turn it on it says
> > | that some program is illegal and that I need to
> > | call Microsoft.

> What a wonderful example to set for a child and at the age when they
> are learning the values, ethics, and responsibility of handling
> situations that may be in the "Grey Areas".
> He "Impressed Mom" by committing a federal felony
> in the full view of an impressionable minor.
> What next, raping the little girl?

Well that would be the next logical step, wouldn't it? First install
Windows, then rape, then murder. Microsoft is fully responsible for
the jackass boyfriend.