CCHIT Goes Back to the Future

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| While the open-source aspect of this is noteworthy, and the goal of this is
| to "...make faster progress toward interoperability," CCHIT's fatal flaw is
| that it still returns to the knee-jerk response of preserving the proprietary
| EHR business model status quo at all costs.
| Yet again it seems that the FOSS in medicine world is far ahead of most of
| medicine in that it already has solutions to what the proprietary EHR world
| unsuccessfully lurches towards.

That's like Microsoft trying to say that Office is a good piece of software
because it 'supports' OOXML. What's ODF support like in Office?


Linux in Healthcare

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| Linux in healthcare is a tale of things seen and unseen. Linux/Open
| Source have enjoyed tremendous popularity in embedded systems and
| networks for major technologies used in healthcare that healthcare
| providers may not even be aware of.

Your data or your life

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| As unlikely and alarmist as this sounds, it could really happen. Intracare
| is the publisher of a popular practice management system called Dr. Notes.
| When some doctors balked at a drastic increase in their annual software
| lease, they were cut off from accessing their own patients? information.
| This situation is completely unconscionable. There can be no truly
| open doctor-patient relationship when an unrelated third party is the
| de facto owner of and gatekeeper to all related data.

Editor's Corner (on Open Source in Healthcare)

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| Suggesting that a private healthcare provider switch from
| proprietary software to open source-based applications is one
| thing. But when an official affiliated with as august a body as
| the United Nations suggests that all member countries adopt open
| source for their healthcare applications, that's a much bigger deal.