Another 'open source' faker. Nothing to do with open source apart from
something in the company's name...

Open Source Storage and DISC Partner to Enhance Open Archive Initiative

Another 'open source' faker appears to have just been acquired.

Fonality Calls In Acquisition

,----[ Quote ]
| Telephony vendor Fonality has made its first acquisition by purchasing
| open-source CRM provider Insightful Solutions.

Open source integrator (moocher)...

GigaSpaces, GridGain to Provide Robust Grid Solution

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| The GigaSpaces-GridGain partnership is part of an ongoing initiative at
| GigaSpaces to work closely with the open source community. As part of the
| relationship, GridGain is distributing GigaSpaces XAP Community Edition, a
| free version of GigaSpaces' flagship product. Other open source projects that
| are integrated with GigaSpaces include the Spring Framework, Mule ESB and
| Hibernate.

It's companies like these which make "Open Source" look bad/worse.


Is Microsoft Hijacking Open Source?

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| What really worries me is what looks like an emerging pattern in Microsoft's
| behaviour. The EU agreement is perhaps the first fruit of this, but I predict
| it will not be the last. What is happening is that Microsoft is effectively
| being allowed to define the meaning of “open source” as it wishes, not as
| everyone else understands the term. For example, in the pledge quoted above,
| an open source project is “not commercially distributed by its
| participants” - and this is a distinction also made by Kroes and her FAQ. * * *
| In this context, the recent approval of two Microsoft licences as
| officially “open source” is only going to make things worse. Although I felt
| this was the right decision – to have ad hoc rules just because it's
| Microsoft would damage the open source process - I also believe it's going to
| prove a problem. After all, it means that Microsoft can rightfully point to
| its OSI-approved licences as proof that open source and Microsoft no longer
| stand in opposition to each other. This alone is likely to perplex people who
| thought they understood what open source meant. * * *
| [...]
| What we are seeing here are a series of major assaults on different but
| related fields – open source, open file formats and open standards. All are
| directed to one goal: the hijacking of the very concept of openness. If we
| are to stop this inner corrosion, we must point out whenever we see wilful
| misuse and lazy misunderstandings of the term, and we must strive to make the *
| real state of affairs quite clear. If we don't, then core concepts like “open
| source” will be massaged, kneaded and pummelled into uselessness. * *


Using open source as a marketing ploy

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| This is typical trend riding fluff. If you go the Aras website you
| read about "Microsoft Enterprise Open Source Solutions", which is
| comical in and of itself.