Mozilla Prism for Mac and Linux released

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| I’m catching up on my feeds today and noticed that Mark Finkle posted that
| Mozilla has released Prism for both Mac and Linux.

gOS: Where Computers Are Headed?

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| This isn’t a PC anyone reading this article will likely buy, the specs are
| low and if you’re competent enough to read blogs then you can use an
| operating system that isn’t gOS. It is however an interesting exercise in
| where computers may well be heading. In a range of areas, web apps are now
| the equal to their offline equivalents, or are quickly catching up. If we get
| to the point where we can do the majority of our activites via an online
| interface, the need for all-powerful operating systems and computers
| diminishes.


Mozilla's Prism to bring Web apps to desktop

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| Mozilla now has prototypes of Prism running on Windows with early versions on
| Mac and Linux under way.
| Future versions include offline access to information with Firefox 3 and
| three-dimensional graphics. *

Firefox 3 and Google team up for offline apps

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| Firefox 3 will be the first internet browser to offer offline web
| application support when it launches at the end of this year.