Vista MSPaint Pasting Saving Issue

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| After performing some research on this issue, it is apparent that other users
| are having the same problem. Microsoft has even indicated a knowledge of the
| problem, but most of the situations or resolutions are not for this problem,
| so we suspect this is the first identification of this specific issue.

Even after ~15 years of paint, it's still suffering from significant bugs. It's
_such a small (and useless) program_. It's a good example of the low quality
of software from Microsoft.


Bugs we all know and "love" from XP..

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| Am I the only one who screams "Hooray, there it is again!" when he realizes
| old bugs from Windows XP are back in Windows Vista?

Microsoft reportedly delays release of RTM version of Vista

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| ...additional bugs were found in the RTM build
| 5824 version, and together the bugs could paralyze an
| upgraded Vista-capable Windows XP OS, said the sources.

Vista 'resume' bug plagues laptop users

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| To date, Microsoft has not offered a clear, consistent explanation of the
| problem(s) behind the troubling laptop behavior. When asked about the
| situation, Microsoft representatives told me that they had no information to
| share at this time. Until they do, users are left to experiment with one of
| the word-of-mouth solutions proposed in various blog postings. * *

Vista sends 49,693 page print job to printer

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| Well obviously I didn't intend for this to happen. I chose file->print
| inside Firefox running on Vista Enterprise. I just assumed
| it printed the one page I requested, but when I went to the printer
| in the next room, I discovered it was spewing out pages with nothing
| but the header and footer from Firefox. Great work, Microsoft. Or
| maybe it is Firefox's fault? Who the hell knows.

Vista Bug re-appears

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| Nice... minus one million, three hundred eight thousand, two
| hundred fifty nine bytes... how is that any where near or
| mathematically altered to 2.11 MB?

Windows Vista's Hideous Wakeup Support

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| One thing we just can't wrap our mind about is the terrible,
| broken, and completely pitiful support for waking Vista up from
| a Deep Sleep or hibernation.' Any time you attempt to wake Vista
| up from Hibernation or "Deep Sleep" (S3-induced sleep mode), it
| dies. It's either a BSOD, or a driver error, or a broken network,
| no DWM, lack of sound... the list goes on, and on. So much for an
| operating system to "power" the future! (No pun intended!) That's
| with properly-signed drivers and no buggy software on
| multiple PCs...

TI won't rush into Microsoft Vista readily

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| Corporate American, no, make that corporate everywhere is treating Vista
| like a dead animal found in the woods, they will poke it with a stick,
| but there is no way they will take it home. Take TI for instance, it
| is not going to touch the wonder OS for another two years or so.

Installing A PS/2 Mouse Turns Off Firewall, Huh!

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| I plugged in the PS/2 mouse, rebooted the PC and on restart XP found the
| PS/2 mouse and suggested rebooting again, which I did. When it restarted
| the Microsoft Firewall had been switched off. How do I know, because it
| told me I had no firewall.

Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 7.0 Sucks!

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| I know Microsoft's release of IE 7.0 is in beta, but I still didn't
| expect it to be such a big piece of crap and cause hours of misery.
| [...]
| What Microsoft hoped would help it win back Firefox "switchers" has
| done nothing but add one more to their growing ranks.

Just One Question For Vista: Does It Simply Work -- Like An Apple?

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| Jim Allchin responds over on his blog regarding a recent news report
| quoting him as saying that he would have bought a Mac if he weren't
| working for Microsoft in an email to Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates.
| [...]
| So the challenge for Microsoft, and in some ways to an even larger
| extent Allchin himself personally, is to ship Vista in a state that
| is as bug free as the Mac.
| Vista is Allchin's final legacy at Microsoft. After a long successful
| career this is his last hurah and in order to be successful it simply
| must be perfect.

Life with Vista - Is this dogfood really for the dogs?

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| I'm an absolute freak when it comes to .NET technologies. My blog
| is called the ".NET Addict", so it should be pretty obvious that
| the day Vista's RTM build came out, I downloaded it and installed
| it on every Vista-capable machine I had in my possession. I've
| been using Vista for several weeks now and I've come to a couple
| of conclusions that I think might startle and shock some of you.


Vista Breaks Applications

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| The big secret at Redmond is that existing applications and new
| products will not work with Vista.
| * * *
| Microsoft really doesn't want you to know this, but many of your
| existing applications won't work with Vista. In fact, some brand
| new products won't work with Vista.

Vista... Don't Try to Copy and Paste

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| Vista gave me the following when trying to copy a
| file:
| Error 0x800705AD. Ohh, well of course... I should have known error
| 0x800705AD means the user tried to COPY AND PASTE. Are you ****ting
| me?! Insufficient quota? WTF are you talking about Vista. First
| let's check that I have enough disk space:
| Ok, now by my calculations 413 MBs < 22.8 GBs. I can normally
| figure out almost any computer related problem.

Vista: Behind the scenes

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| Some of the glitches were already known. Many were things that have
| already been fixed, and a few were too new and need investigating.
| None appeared to be a show-stopper.
`---- * * * * * * * * * ^^^^^^^^^^^^

Analysts: Microsoft Changes Meaning Of 'Release Candidate'

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| Two industry watchers say Microsoft is corrupting the term, leading to
| major confusion among customers and others about whether the operating
| system is truly ready to evaluate.
| Two analysts Thursday accused Microsoft Corp. of changing the meaning
| of "release candidate" by pushing out a version of Windows Vista that
| still needs major work.
| [...]
| Joe Wilcox, an analyst with JupiterResearch, said that Microsoft's
| corrupted the term.