An interview with matthew

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| Learning a new operating system is work. With some patience and a willingness
| to try to wrap your head around a new way of thinking, it can also be fun and
| rewarding.


Vistification - a temporoary drive to Linux?

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| Rupert's just said again what I've been hearing in various places:
| Vista's awkwardness is going to drive people to Linux.
| That's something I heard when Specavers moved to Linux. They'd been thinking
| about moving before, but there was always a barrier - the cost of retraining.
| Vista is gratuitously different from Windows XP. So different that it will
| take as much retraining (Vistification?) to get a user started on Vista, as
| it would to get them shifted to Linux. On Rupert's experience, probably more.

The Importance Of Being An Idiot

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| When I first started learning Unix/Linux at the beginning of my career, I
| felt stupid quite a bit, and was afraid to ask questions as there was a
| culture that scoffed at “stupid questions”. Why don’t you read the
| manual, “idiot”? *

Bold Redesign Improves Office 2007 But Learning Curve May Be Too Steep for
Some Users

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| "it requires a steep learning curve that many people might rather avoid.
| In my own tests, I was cursing the program for weeks"

Partners Fix Up Office 2007 and Windows Vista

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| On Friday, Addintools, based in Hai-nan, China released Classic Menu for
| Office 2007, after more than six months of beta testing. The user interface
| enhancement does what Office 2007 can't: Revert to the Office 2003 look and
| feel.

Desktop Faceoff: Fedora vs. Vista

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| Fedora and its default GNOME desktop may still have a few lessons to learn
| from Vista, particularly in the selection of administration tools. Yet in
| terms of almost everything that's important to users, Fedora and GNOME have
| overtaken Vista and are rapidly pulling away from it. *
| As the addition of the side panel shows, it is Windows that is starting to
| learn from GNU/Linux. The days when the situation was the other way around
| are over. *

Trying Another OS? Use Your Windows Knowledge as a Fast Track to the Commands
You Need

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| The Tom's Hardware website features the Universal Command Guide for Operating
| Systems page, based on the book of the same name by Guy Lotgering and the
| Universal Command Guide (UCG) Training Team. The UCG web page builds on your
| knowledge of your favorite operating system's commands to teach you the
| equivalent(s) in others. * *