Vista Internet Explorer Major Crash Issue

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| Suddenly, and without warning, Internet Explorer will experience a crash. The
| crash is sudden, because often it doesn't seem that anything special was
| happening to cause it (no risky behavior)
| [...]
| The first major disturbing issue with this problem is that multiple windows
| and tabs are lost without any warning or chance to save information. In
| today's world, the browser is an application platform, a banking platform,
| and a work unexpected window and tab loss equates to
| uncontrolled data loss.
| More disturbing is the fact that we have experienced this issue multiple
| times while the machine in question was user actions were being
| taken. A user can walk away from a desk (say, at lunch)...return to the
| desk, and find only a single browser window open to the homepage, with NO
| Previous to Vista and Internet Explorer 7, browser crashes did occur, and
| were problematic. In those cases, it was infrequent to have a crash occur
| that could leave the users not sure it had happened, because there was no
| error window...only a browser opened to the homepage.


Is Microsoft learning from Web standards mistakes?

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| "Standards are important," said Arrigo, who admitted that Microsoft had been
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| guilty of ignoring them in the past. "If you look at IE6, we didn't quite
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| follow all the standards but standards are important ... IE7 as an example is
| trying to address that."
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Despite 100 Million IE 7 Installs, Microsoft's Browser Still Loses Ground

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| Firefox's share of the U.S. browser market is at 14% and has
| continued to grow each of the last three months, says one
| research firm.

Open Addict: Internet Explorer blocked

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| I've blocked Internet Explorer from viewing our front page and will implement
| that code on the rest of our site as we roll out the new format.

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| Last night Joe and I got in this huge discussion, and I was cursing out
| Microsoft. It’s been rough the past couple of days and M$ has not been making
| my life very easy. Every time I turn around I have to ghetto-fy my web sites
| to make them work in IE… *
| See… There are these things called Web Standards which were put into place to
| make web designer’s lives easier. As in, if they script to web standards,
| then all standards compliant browsers will show the site exactly correct.
| Well, I always script to web standards. The PROBLEM is that Microsoft decides
| that they are just going to do things THEIR way... * *
| [...]
| Besides the fact that all of the Microsoft employees I have ever encountered
| must have been brainwashed. I don’t know where they dig these people up.
| [...]
| And if they AREN’T brainwashing them, then they are just hiring incompetant,
| pompous dumbasses. And if either is the case, why should anyone support their
| company? *

Microsoft does not want us to use IE

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| Why else would the company release a new version of the browser with so
| many glaring and obvious incompatibilities with other browsers? Why else
| make it virtually impossible to visit any web site, without running
| against multiple warnings and blocks? Why else make it so difficult tot
| est existing and new versions of the browser, that you have to run a
| completely new OS image?
| Microsoft management must want people off of IE.

Perspective: Microsoft's amusing standards stance

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| One fun thing to do in Web browsers is to check how well documents
| conform to standards. For example, you can pass the URL of
| Microsoft's letter to W3C's validator. Doing so reveals that
| the letter is not written according to the HTML specification.
| The validator finds 33 errors in the most lenient mode. (One of
| the errors is the use of the "layer" element. (The "layer" element?!)
| Microsoft--please--if you think standards are so important,
| why not start using them?

ECIS Accuses Microsoft of Plotting HTML Hijack

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| An industry coalition that has represented competitors of Microsoft
| in European markets before the European Commission stepped up its
| public relations offensive this morning, this time accusing
| Microsoft of scheming to upset HTML's place in the fabric of
| the Internet with XAML, an XML-based layout lexicon forn
| etwork applications.