Google, Ubuntu Linux Going Mobile Together?

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| During the Webcast, Canonical didn’t explain how Google was leveraging Ubuntu
| Linux. But perhaps we’ll have our answer on November 5, when Google is
| expected to announce its mobile strategy.


Use Google Linux repositories

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| Google recently created their own Linux software repositories to streamline
| the use of Google software in Linux.

Google - Don't be evil, don't be too evil, just drop it

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| Shuttleworth does not think that the people at Google are immune to
| that element of human nature, and that they may just abuse their
| tremendous market power.
| "We have already seen how they went from 'Don't be evil' to
| 'Don't be very evil' to 'lets just drop that'," Shuttleworth said.

Google goes its own way

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| He says using open source gives Google a competitive advantage,
| since its engineers can customise the software as they see fit,
| for example by creating the Goobuntu flavour of the Ubuntu Linux
| distribution. This makes their applications run more
| efficiently.
| [...]
| "Good friendly distributions with good friendly community members"
| is the way to convince consumers to choose Linux over Windows for
| their desktops," he says. "It's legitimate for people to be
| suspicious of free things. I think it scares people away
| sometimes."

Ubuntu Summit: Inside the Googleplex

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| This week is Ubuntu Developer Summit week in Mountain View,
| California. Posting directly from the Developer Summit is
| Morgan Collet, one of just two South Africans at the
| week-long event.