Open Source: The New NPO Tech Battlefield

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| Open source software (OSS) is one avenue that could bring more innovation,
| and Ross believes the movement is starting to win. "When I say win, things
| that we've been pushing for have been happening in the non-open source
| software world," such as flexibility and customization, she said. "Customers
| are demanding more control over the tools they use."


Shuttleworth at FOSSCamp: collaboration brings "brilliant flashes of

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| The goal of FOSSCamp, he says, is to get those involved with open source
| projects together to collaborate and share ideas.

Fedora 8 renews tradition of innovations

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| This release makes it obvious that the Fedora community prides itself on
| innovation.

Innovation: The REAL Killer App

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| There is no true innovation in Windows Vista. Microsoft has spent
| years developing a product that nobody cared about or wanted. All
| Microsoft was developing was the operating system they needed to
| perpetuate their Windows franchise. After long hold ups in
| development, this has left their Windows revenues at a trickle.
| The sad thing is the GNU/Linux camp has done little to combat
| this deficiency in innovation. They have been more concerned
| with creating an equivalent product at a better price rather than
| a better product at a better price. Sure GNU/Linux is a better
| product due to its inherent stability, performance and security,
| but these aren't the features that home consumers migrate
| platforms for. True innovation, such as improvements in usability,
| is the only way one can convince consumers to choose your product
| over a stagnant entrenched one like Windows. It is simple free
| market economics, the better product at the best price will win.

Lessons to Learn from the OLPC

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| 1- Cheap is good
| 2- People don’t need a lot of power
| 3- Linux please
| 4- Flash storage is key
| 5- Make it efficient
| 6- Hand crank!
| 7- Don’t skimp on the features
| 8- Make it rugged
| 9- Make it look cool
| 10- It’s a tablet, too