Open source synthetic biology

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| Not everyone within synthetic biology takes the open-source approach, Andrew
| Hessel, an iGEM consultant who recruits teams from Canadian universities,
| told me, but the driving force behind it is iGEM and MIT (Rettberg works with
| renowned hacker-turned-synthetic biologist Tom Knight). Hessel likened the
| atmosphere to the time when computers were first becoming cheap enough to be
| affordable by anyone who wanted one, and young, bright kids began to play
| around with code.


Biology Goes Open Source

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| Some of the world's biggest drug companies are finding that
| their genetic research is worth more to them if they give it away.

Open Source Research -- the Power of Us

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| Open source methods have delivered tangible benefits in the computer
| science community. We describe here efforts to extend these principles
| to science generally, and in particular biomedical research. Open
| source research holds great promise for solving complex problems in
| areas where profit-driven research is seen to have failed. We
| illustrate this with a specific problem in organic chemistry that
| we think will be solved substantially faster with an open
| source approach.

Our Biotech Future [is Open Source]

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| Open Source biology could be a powerful tool, giving us access to
| cheap and abundant solar energy.

Open-Source Drug Safety?

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| More than a million Americans take Avandia every year; the risk
| Glaxo had found would mean thousands of extra heart attacks. But
| the company argued that the risk only occurred in patients who
| already had serious heart problems, and that it didn't show up
| in long-term clinical trials. The FDA made no decision, and no
| public statement.
| [...]
| It's an open source approach to drug safety.

Open Source Pharmaceuticals - New Business Model

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| "Open source" as applied to culture defines a culture in which
| intellectual property is made generally available. Participants
| in such a culture are able to improve and modify those products
| and redistribute them back into the community.

Thailand fed up with high drug prices - minister

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| "We have thought about this for more than five years. It's long enough,"
| said Mongkol na Songkhla, who is leading one of the biggest challenges to
| Big Pharma's patent rights in years.