Heroes Star Hiro Nakamura Named OLPC Ambassador

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| Heroes star Masi Oka, also known as "hey, that's the guy from Scrubs", has
| just been "chosen" to be the OLPC Global Ambassador.


One Laptop Per (Inner) Child

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| The Asus Eee goes on sale in the United States this morning. Finally. The Eee
| is the less-than-two-pound, Linux-based, instant-on, 7-inch-screen,
| no-hard-disk, $400 laptop that was announced last June. It's been slowly
| making its way to the States ever since, and I've been tracking its progress
| by reading reviews from overseas. Now, at last, it's here.



OLPC makes its entry into India - finally!

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| When the OLPC first made news, a prominent official in the HRD ministry of
| the Indian government had gone on record snubbing the OLPC project ($100
| laptop), even making a preposterous claim that work was under way to create
| India's own $10 laptop. But as things have worked out, OLPC has already made
| an entry into India in the form of a pilot project in a rural primary school
| in a village in the state of Maharasthra. * *


Microsoft told Nigeria to dump Linux for Windows

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| Microsoft and representatives from the Nigerian government had not responded
| to a request for comment at the time of writing.


$100 laptop program still eyes India

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| The so-called $100 laptops for children may make it to India after all.