Seven Wonders of the Linux World

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| Today I want to write about some of the biggest wonders on the Linux world,
| this are my thoughts, and they may differ from yours, and they could even
| change in my mind after reading what you think the 7 Linux world Wonders
| should be, so please read this post, and the comment about it.

Ars at the Ubuntu Developer Summit

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| Ars attended the first half of the Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) earlier this
| week in Cambridge, Boston. The goal of the event was to bring together Ubuntu
| contributors from around the world to make plans for Hardy Heron, the next
| major Ubuntu release.

Photos included. Not quite a kid-in-a-garage-type images.


Kernel Summit: customer panel and group photo

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| Also, for all readers, [it] is the obligatory group photo, available in
| medium resolution, full resolution, and full resolution annotated forms.