Swap Over NFS

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| "The problem with swap over network is the generic swap problem: needing
| memory to free memory. Normally this is solved using mempools, as can be seen
| in the BIO layer," explained Peter Zijlstra. "Swap over network has the
| problem that the network subsystem does not use fixed sized allocations, but
| heavily relies on kmalloc(). This makes mempools unusable."
| The first fifteen patches set up a generic framework for reserving memory.
| Patches 16-23 actually put the framework to use on the network stack.



Speed up your Linux box with a thumb drive

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| Linux only: Like ReadyBoost for Vista, SwapBoost uses the extra space
| on a spare USB drive to speed up your OS.


Windows ReadyBoost Doesn't Deliver

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| I don't know if this is a problem with Vista or the drive, but it is
| annoying to have to check to see if it off and then turn it back on
| again. Sometimes the disk space is used after ReadyBoost is off,
| forcing me to format the flash drive again before turning it back on.


Vista, iTunes and ReadyBoost do not play well

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| The only solution for the problem is to unplug your ReadyBoost drive, close
| and restart iTunes and then play back your video normally. I have
| replicated this no less than 30 times on my laptop with a ReadyBoost
| drive plugged in. Unplugging the drive never fails to fix the problem
| and plugging it in never fails to cause the problem.


Microsft Vista's ReadyBoost: Is worth the hype??

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| The performance gain in second time 18seconds vs 5:30 seconds was
| due to SuperFetch technology which has nothing to do with ReadyBoost.
| Then Microsoft Word 2007 was loaded. Without ReadyBoost for first time
| took 5 seconds and with ReadyBoost took 26 seconds :-s.
| [...]
| Is ReadyBoost meant to work this way :-/ Is this a Flaw in Vista or like
| Microsoft is doing making Flaws as Features. Is this also a feature??
| The mystery continues....