Fedora 8 RC 3

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| Fedora 8 RC 3 was released three days ago. This RC shows what users can
| expect from the upcoming Fedora 8. It comes along with a huge list of new
| features and bug features. Among them are a KDE 3.5.8, a new NetworkManager
| core, PolicyKit, PulseAudio and RandR 1.2 support for the open ATI drivers.
| [...]
| For KDE enthusiasts the next version of Fedora might be more interesting
| though because that one will most likely ship with KDE 4. Currently there are
| just the development libraries available in Fedora 8.



What's New in Fedora 8?

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| Spins are Fedora Live CDs that are created to serve a certain number of
| people. It does so by having the applications that those people would need,
| in other words, it saves them the time to install these software.
| There are three new spins shipped with Fedora 8: Games; Developer; and
| Electronic Lab.


Fedora 8 renews tradition of innovations

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| This release makes it obvious that the Fedora community prides itself on
| innovation. *