Ubuntu: Just how popular is it?

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| There is no doubt that Ubuntu’s popularity has grown dramatically over the
| past few years, but just how popular is Ubuntu? How many people have ever
| heard of Ubuntu? How many people visit the Ubuntu site each month? How many
| people have tried Ubuntu, and more importantly, how many people are actually
| using it?


Many Linux events on their way:



Linux is Poised to Take Over the World

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| One of the biggest complaints I hear from computer users is how
| quickly their computers are made obsolete, either by the introduction
| of new software, demanding faster processors, more memory and better
| video cards, or else a new version of an operating system, demanding
| the same things. Linux, because of so many varieties, can be made
| into a perfect fit for almost any computer, no matter how old.


Change is maddeningly inevitable

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| To broaden or not broaden the GNU/Linux user base. This topic has
| generated a ton of discussion and emotion within the community.
| Whatever your particular stance, one thing is guaranteed. Change!
| And human beings are typically adverse to Change!
| [...]
| More and more people are drawn to GNU/Linux and free software in
| order to access and participate in our online, global culture.
| The user base is ALREADY broadening.
| Second, I believe the GNU/Linux and free software community has
| an ethical responsibility to expand the user base. We must take
| advantage of the decreasing hardware costs coupled with free
| software to make computing technologies more available to poorer
| nations/individuals. Imagine the boost some schools could receive
| with the gift of a single computer loaded with KDE's Edutainment
| package and internet access to Wikipedia.