Sabayon 1.1 Professional Screenshots

gOS: The Conceptual Google Operating System

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| Earlier this week Everex launched the gPC TC2502, which is a sub-$200 PC sold
| at a major US retailer, but what makes this unique is that it runs the gOS.
| The gOS (GreenOS) is designed to be a conceptual Google Operating System that
| is based upon Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon.


ReviewLinux.Com: First Look at Sabayon Linux 1.1 Professional Edition

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| Sabayon Linux is an up and coming Linux OS. The artwork of this Gentoo based
| Linux distribution is wonderful. Packed with software I think this
| distribution is one that everyone would enjoy. *

Wal-Mart Starts Selling Linux PCs for $198

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| Almost the Google PC: Everex gPC available at Wal-Mart
| On Thursday, WalMart begins selling the Everex Green gPC TC2502, a $198,
| low-power, Linux-based PC designed primarily for running Web 2.0
| applications.

gOS-live 1.0 386

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| Based on Ubuntu 7.10 Linux system with an Enlightenment E17 interface, the
| PC's productivity will be almost solely derived from Google applications
| accessed through Firefox: Mail, Calendar, News, Maps and Documents &
| Spreadsheets. It also comes with 2.2 and some other freeware
| Linux favorates. * *