Major Reshuffle At Novell India

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| It is still to be seen what role Novell's 'colonial cousin' Microsoft played
| in this earthquake.

Great job, Novell. What a deal!

Yesterday there was a rumour about 1100 jobs to be eliminated.


Speaking of Linux and the spirit of open source

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| Novell doesn't need to urinate in the pool from which it hopes to build its
| future, but that is precisely what it is doing. It can and should do better.

Novell uses Microsoft FUD to market itself

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| That these claims also could be taken to mean that Novell is developing a
| non-standard Linux, one that is skewed only towards working with Windows,
| appears to have escaped Novell.
| In other words, Novell has an "in" with Microsoft which Red Hat does not;
| Utah and Redmond are in bed together and Red Hat is an intruder.