A survey of existing Linux patents

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| The Linux world has been all atwitter since Acacia Technologies Group filed a
| lawsuit against Red Hat and Novell alleging that their versions of Linux
| infringe on three patents. Just how big is the risk to Linux from patent
| lawsuits? One indication may come from a look at current US patent
| publications related to or mentioning Linux.



Getting Inventive With Software Patents

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| A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to talk to OIN's CEO, Jerry
| Rosenthal, who was with IBM for 37 years before setting up OIN. His comments
| about patent trolls – companies whose business is based purely around suing
| others for alleged patent infringement, rather than on making and selling
| things – and how to deal with them, are particularly interesting in the light
| of what has happened since the interview took place. * *


US company in talks with IT firms to push Linux system

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| Open Invention Network (OIN), a US firm funded by six companies
| including IBM and Red Hat, is exploring possibilities in India
| to spur innovation and protect the Linux systems widely seen as
| a slow but certain challenge to Microsoft's propriet ary Windows
| operating system.
| Linux is a free operating system and is gaining popularity with computer
| makers such as Dell, HP, and Lenovo.