What The Google Phone Could Do For Linux

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| Even the best technology needs a sugar daddy. Seven years ago, Linux got just
| that when IBM said it would put $1 billion on the then-nascent open-source
| operating system, pushing the software into the corporate mainstream. Now the
| same could be about to happen for Linux with the mobile phone, with Google
| set to give Linux a major endorsement this November.



Wal-Mart Starts Selling Linux PCs for $198
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| Almost the Google PC: Everex gPC available at Wal-Mart
| On Thursday, WalMart begins selling the Everex Green gPC TC2502, a $198,
| low-power, Linux-based PC designed primarily for running Web 2.0
| applications.


Google in talks with Verizon Wireless: sources

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| The ground-breaking part of the plan, according to the newspaper, is Google's
| aim to make the phone's software "open," right down to the operating system
| which controls applications and interacts with hardware.


[Google Joins OIN]

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| You'll often hear members of our open source team say, "Every
| time you use Google, you're using Linux." It's absolutely true. Check
| a Google engineer's workstation, and you'll probably find it's running
| Linux. Do a search on Google.com, and a Linux server will return your
| results. Ever since Google got its start, Linux has given us the power
| and flexibility we need to serve millions of users around the world.
| In turn, we feel a strong responsibility to the Linux community, and
| we're always looking for creative ways to put our resources in the
| hands of Linux developers. That's why today we became a licensee of
| the Open Invention Network (OIN), an innovative patent-sharing
| organization founded to create a legally protected environment for
| anyone who works with Linux.
| The concept behind OIN is simple. All OIN licensees, including
| participants such as IBM, Oracle, NEC and Sony, agree to cross-license
| their Linux-related patents to the others free of charge. Patent
| issues therefore become a much smaller concern inside the community,
| and OIN members can focus their energy on writing and releasing
| software rather than vetting their code for intellectual property
| issues. It's the legal equivalent of taking a long, deep breath.