Being a good netizen – protecting Linux from network nasties

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| The reality is Windows is naturally insecure for a variety of reasons, not
| least being Windows' users were always conditioned to login and run programs
| as the administrator user. Windows Vista has made an attempt, too late, to
| stifle this behaviour but the far number of complaints about the intrusive
| UAC box is testament to how many ordinary, daily, Windows tasks require
| administrative privileges - not necessarily due to legitimate need, but often
| just bad programming.
| By contrast, Linux users are well accustomed to the notion of having
| an "ordinary" login, separate from root, with no special enhanced system
| rights or access. A good deal of the credit for Linux' security and general
| virus-resilience is due to this natural, ingrained self-constrained
| behaviour.

New trojan hijacks OS/X

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| Dubbed OSX.RSPlug.A and classified as a Critical risk, it was discovered on
| October 30 at several pornography websites, offering to install a codec to
| view porn videos.

What kind of company runs everything as 'root' on a smartphone? One that can
sweep things under the carpet (closed-source) for a few weeks, before the
cleaners come.


iPhone Security Hellhole?

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| First, the iPhone root password was broken. OK, it happens. But now it seems
| that all applications run on the iPhone as root. Can you say biggest security
| blunder of the 21st century to date?

How secure are Linux, Window and Mac OS? [Linux more secure than Mac OS.[