LinuxConf: Getting the smalltalk on the road

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| No longer is it only the true geeks and nerds who gravitate to Australia's
| national Linux conference; as the years have gone by more and more people in
| the middle have migrated thither and lent their expertise to make the
| copnference what it is today.

Linux Gazette has a new release... probably a magazine that's best known for
its low entry level and newbie-friendliness.

Linux Gazette - November 2007 (#144)

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| * Virtualization made Easy, by Edgar Howell
| * 3D programming with Vpython, by Maxin B. John
| * Slow Receivers in a Distributed Data Management System, by Sudhir Menon
| * FlickOff: Escaping the Clutches of Web 2.0, by Ben Okopnik
| * Ecol, by Javier Malonda
| * The Linux Launderette


Didn't God say "...and the geeks shall inherit the earth"?

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| ...consider all the schools over the place who are migrating to Linux?
| These kids aren't all geeks. They think tech stuff is normal. They probably
| don't all look like Martin and lots of them do sport and and are pretty
| cute looking. And who knows how much longer the geek/non-geek distinction
| will be made? Watch for the year of Linux on the desktop... the kids are
| out in force and taking over.

William Jackson | Cybereye: Trust in Vista?

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| Unless you're a hard-core geek or a masochist, you probably haven't
| rushed out to buy a copy of Windows Vista, released by Microsoft
| in late January.
| [...]
| There is no word yet on how intrinsically secure and well-written
| the new operating system is, but I suspect hackers and security
| researchers will find it a fertile field for flaws, bugs and other
| surprises for the next year or so.
| It probably is a safe bet that Patch Tuesday will be with us for
| the foreseeable future.